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A man and his daughter are moving into a new home.
If you are getting ready to move, this budget-friendly guide will answer all your questions about cardboard packing boxes. Understanding the Importance of Packing Boxes Before you learn about different types of cardboard boxes and cartons, it’s important to understand why they’re essential. High quality packing boxes or shipping boxes guarantee safety and organisation of your items when moving house. They keep your belongings safe during shipment while also holding them in one place.  Different Types of Packing Boxes Every box serves a different purpose. Let’s explore some common types of packing boxes. Corrugated Boxes These are standard moving boxes....
Two people sorting cardboard boxes on a porch.
Moving to a new country can be an exciting but daunting experience. One of the most important things to consider is how to pack your belongings for the journey. Choosing the right moving boxes can make a huge difference in ensuring your items arrive at your new home safely and sound. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of moving boxes available for international moves and help you decide which is best for your needs.
A family with moving boxes in a living room.
We’ve all probably packed or unpacked something from a cardboard box at some point in our lives—whether you’ve had food delivered, a present sent to someone or unpacked something store-bought. With cardboard box packaging heavily integrated into our daily routines, little thought is given to the matter until the big day comes.
Happy family moving into a new home stock photo.
It’s no surprise that moving day can be both an exciting activity and a daunting endeavour. With several things that could possibly go wrong, such as forgetting to pack some stuff or suddenly running short on moving supplies, it’s best that you prepare well ahead of schedule to ensure that packing up your home becomes stress-free as possible.
A man loading a moving truck in front of a house to celebrate Boxfactory's 90 years in business.
Moving house is hard enough. But moving interstate? That’s even tougher. But if you’re organised and plan well in advance, you’ll find that moving interstate can be easier than most people think. Here are some of our best tips to help make it smoother.   Declutter and Spring Clean Early Moving is the best excuse to declutter and trim down your possessions to the more essential items. And moving interstate is an even bigger reason to do it. Not only will decluttering make it easier to pack all the things you need, but it can also help reduce your removal...
A room full of boxes and furniture.
Relocating to a new office may seem exactly like moving house, but it presents many challenges and difficulties that can make it a tougher move. Office relocations often involve more people and infrastructure, so you’ll need to consider several things well before your move. To make office relocations easier, it’s important to plan ahead and be as organised as possible. Here are some of our best tips to make your office relocation smoother.
A cardboard box with a note on it sitting in a room.
One of the biggest decisions you can make with your family is the decision to move house. Whether you’re upgrading homes because your family is growing, or moving to a new area for a fresh start, moving house is a big undertaking. It’s best to be well-prepared for such an undertaking, but it can be overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. At Box Factory we’ve helped countless families and businesses with the boxes they need to make moving easier. We wanted to use our experience to craft a moving house checklist that would give you everything you...
Three men loading boxes into a moving truck.
Have you made the decision to move in with your partner? This is an exciting time – so let us help you work through the storage and moving so you can focus on the future together. When moving in with your partner, often the hardest decision comes from wondering whose things you should keep! Oftentimes when combining two households, you’ll have two fridges, two couches, two dining tables; and you might only have room for one set of items. But what do you keep? You might not want to throw anything away – and that’s fine. You can store items...
Christmas gifts on a wooden table in front of a window.
For anyone conscious of their environmental impact, moving house can often be a big problem. Simply put, moving requires a lot of materials and resources – which often means more waste. Fortunately, you can reduce your waste and minimise your carbon footprint by using the right strategies. With some advanced planning and minor adjustments to your normal packing routine, you can make your next move eco-friendly.
A car with luggage.
There aren’t too many people in the world who can say that they love moving. Well, except for some removalists who found their true calling in the moving industry. But apart from that, moving is just one of those things which you are glad doesn’t have to happen all that often. Looking for a new home is fun. Shopping for new homewares is fun. Even organising your new room is fun. But moving house? Not fun. There’s all the packing, and the organising, and the money… well, that leads us very nicely into what this piece is all about: the...

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