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Packing and Moving Tips: A Quick Guide for Moving Boxes
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It’s no surprise that moving day can be both an exciting activity and a daunting endeavour. With several things that could possibly go wrong, such as forgetting to pack some stuff or suddenly running short on moving supplies, it’s best that you prepare well ahead of schedule to ensure that packing up your home becomes stress-free as possible.

In this blog, we’ll quickly go over some moving and packing tips, with emphasis on moving boxes and packing materials, to make the moving process a bit easier while saving money at the same time.

Before the Move

Like any other major activity, preparing ahead can make all the difference in whether everything turns out smoothly or not. Once you know the exact date or timeframe for your move, you can already start ticking off your moving checklist:

Inform the Utility Companies of your Schedule

This is one aspect often overlooked due to the fog of packing and making sure nothing gets left behind. You can be so caught up with the imagery of unpacking in your new home that you forget to fix loose ends with the one you’re leaving behind. Getting this step out of the way at first means one less thing to overlook or worry about.

Book a Moving Company

Don’t just assume that dependable movers are just a call away. You’ll never know when the good ones will all be suddenly booked out, and you’re left with a fly-by-nite moving company. Doing this in advance also means that you’ll have enough time to look at several options and even let you find opportunities to save money in the process.

Take it as an Opportunity to Declutter

Having stayed in a home for quite some time means you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years—some less necessary than others. Instead of going through all the trouble of transporting them to your new location, why not do an objective (or vicious) purge of your belongings. Running a complete Marie Kondo over your belongings—when done properly—will mean fewer items to pack and move, less to unpack and fewer packing materials to consume.

Making the Most out of Your Moving Boxes

On to the gritty part—the actual packing stage of the moving process. Packing up your home and your life in cardboard boxes can sometimes be riddled with emotions. With each item we wrap and tuck away, one can’t help but reminisce all the memories that come along with it. But it’s important that we stay objective when packing and follow these guidelines to make the most out of your moving supplies and boxes.

Utilise Different Box Sizes – While it’s not as simple as small boxes for small items and larger boxes for larger stuff, movers often complain that when heavy items all come in one big box, it makes lifting and stacking difficult. Also, small stuff placed in oversized boxes tends to require more void fill, taking up unnecessary space in your mover’s truck.

Heavier Items Go on the Bottom – This goes not just for within the boxes, but when you stack them up as well. When the truck gets moving, there’s a greater chance that the boxes will topple over when the stack’s top-heavy. Also, placing heavier items on top will increase the risk of having fragile items broken when squished at the bottom.

Same Boxes for Same Rooms – Avoid placing items from different rooms in the same boxes. This can make things confusing and unpacking more difficult. Also, by keeping the rooms within their own set of boxes, you can easily label or colour-code them for the movers, so they’ll do a better job of unloading them. You can also easily identify which box goes where when you unpack.

Don’t Skimp on Packaging Materials – Nothing spells moving day disaster better than your boxes suddenly popping open from the bottom. Not only will this mean another set of repacking, but your risk getting items lost or broken as well. Packaging tape, pallet wraps and strapping should do the trick.

• Know Your Options – Moving boxes are no longer limited to a single size and packing materials come in a wider variety to address different needs.

Your One-Stop Moving Shop

Boxfactory will have all your needs for moving day covered; we have a wide selection of new boxes for moving and recycled moving boxes, as well as moving packages for different-sized moves. Our comprehensive line of packaging supplies includes pallet wraps, void fills, plastic strapping, bubble wrap, tape, resealable bags and much more.

Moving Boxes Brisbane

We’re pleased to let you know that our Brisbane office ships moving and packing supplies Australia-wide, including cardboard packing boxes. Please get in touch with us today for your complete packing and moving solutions.

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