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Cardboard Boxes Brisbane

Cardboard Boxes Brisbane For Premium Packaging | Boxfactory

Breeze through your storage or transportation with our wide range of cardboard boxes and packaging supplies. 

Find a plethora of options when it comes to packaging solutions. From standard cardboard boxes to custom boxes in unique shapes or sizes, you can rest assured your packaging needs are met.

Explore our range of cardboard boxes and box supplies below to find what you need. If you have any other questions about our products, contact us to learn more.

If you’re moving house or transporting several items at once, our moving and packing boxes offer your best packing solutions. These boxes are tough and durable, keeping your items safe and well-protected during transport. 

You can get new and recycled packing boxes, giving you more choices for your packing needs.

You can also look into box packs that come in different sizes of packing boxes. You’ll also find packing essentials like bubble wrap, butcher paper, and packaging tape to secure your overall packaging. 

Our box packs are suitable for different packing requirements. This can range from small unit packs to extra large house packs for larger and heavier items.

Packaging Supplies

Pack your items quicker and more efficiently with a variety of packaging supplies

With these packaging supplies, you’ll find it easier to pack your items and keep them safe. Our packaging supplies are designed for packing and transport, providing the features you need to pack quickly with less waste.

Grab the packaging supplies you need with our cardboard boxes to have everything you need for packing your items.


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The Boxfactory Difference

If you have any exact specifications for your cardboard boxes, our experts will follow them to make your custom piece. We ensure you have the right product for your packing, transport or storage requirements.

When it comes to tailoring a purpose-built cardboard box for your needs, our experts offer a vast selection such as:

  • Regular slotted containers
  • Half slotted containers
  • Full flap slotted containers
  • Five-panel folders
  • Creased and slotted trays
  • Die-cut cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated pads 
  • And corrugated dividers/partitions.

Multi-purpose Boxes

At Boxfactory, we have more than 80 years of experience manufacturing different types of cardboard boxes. Our boxes suit various purposes, including packing, shipping, moving and storage

Customised Options

Our custom-made boxes are all professionally manufactured to your design specifications. We can advise you further if you need more help deciding on the correct box type for your packaging requirements.

Eco-Friendly Options

We are also proud of our environmental commitment through 100% eco-friendly boxes and packaging solutions. We actively collect discarded waste from our manufacturing, which we then sort and send to specialised recycled cardboard depots. Our economically recycled boxes can be picked up from our business site at Acacia Ridge.

We supply high-quality cardboard boxes Brisbane-wide to businesses throughout the area. 

Choose the correct box for your business needs by using our Box Selector. Or get in touch with our team of professionals for assistance.

Looking for other boxes or packaging supplies?

If there’s a specific product or packaging tool you’re looking for, just dial (07) 3344 2244. Or you can email us at enquiries@boxfactory.com.au to find out how we can help.