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A man and his daughter are moving into a new home.
If you are getting ready to move, this budget-friendly guide will answer all your questions about cardboard packing boxes. Understanding the Importance of Packing Boxes Before you learn about different types of cardboard boxes and cartons, it’s important to understand why they’re essential. High quality packing boxes or shipping boxes guarantee safety and organisation of your items when moving house. They keep your belongings safe during shipment while also holding them in one place.  Different Types of Packing Boxes Every box serves a different purpose. Let’s explore some common types of packing boxes. Corrugated Boxes These are standard moving boxes....
A warehouse filled with boxes and other items.
For any business, packaging is critical. With the right packaging, your products will reach customers in perfect condition. If done correctly, poor-quality of packaging can destroy your delivery. The worst part is – an unhappy customer. In this guide, you’ll learn about different types of packaging supplies to choose the right packaging for your business.  1. Understanding Your Packaging Needs Before we get into specific packaging supplies, it’s essential to understand your unique requirements. Each business is different – the products you offer vary. But for most businesses, there are common product packaging elements to consider. Consider factors such as:...
A woman packaging cardboard boxes at a desk in a warehouse.
To scale your business, you must ensure your packaging is spot on. You must ensure perfect packaging to guarantee product presentation, protection and customer satisfaction. With its benefits, cardboard box packaging may be the ultimate solution your business is looking for! In this guide, you’ll learn more about the cost-effectiveness of cardboard box packaging for businesses. What Is Cardboard Box Packaging? Cardboard box packaging is made of corrugated cardboard materials. These materials are sturdy and create boxes for: These boxes are durable and lightweight. If you have a specific product that needs packaging, you can opt for customised cardboard as...
A woman is talking on the phone while sitting at a desk surrounded by custom-printed cardboard boxes.
Custom-printed cardboard boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’re cost-effective, versatile, and great for brand promotions. These boxes are made of sturdy cardboard. And any design or branding features can be printed on them to suit your customer’s requirements. In this guide, you’ll learn more about custom-printed cardboard boxes including their uses, benefits, and how to order them. What are custom-printed cardboard boxes? Custom-printed cardboard boxes are sturdy cardboard printed with a customer’s design, logo, or branding. These boxes can be used for various purposes including packaging products and shipping items. If your customers need to print high...
Two people sorting cardboard boxes on a porch.
Moving to a new country can be an exciting but daunting experience. One of the most important things to consider is how to pack your belongings for the journey. Choosing the right moving boxes can make a huge difference in ensuring your items arrive at your new home safely and sound. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of moving boxes available for international moves and help you decide which is best for your needs.
A man and his son are moving into a new home.
As one of the most versatile materials to ever graze the packaging and shipping industry, carboard can come in a variety of styles, shapes and types to suit a wide range of needs. Carboard has fast-become a favourite in the packaging world due to its adaptability to various strengths, widths and weights. The possibilities are virtually endless with carboard.
A man and a woman working in a warehouse.
While we often use the term ‘Cardboard’ to refer to either carton board boxes or corrugated boxes, the latter two are actually unique from each other. So, how can we distinguish the two materials apart, and why do we need to? Because when it comes to choosing the most suitable packaging to ship or store your products, it’s best to know which materials you’re using to make the most out of their advantages.
A family with moving boxes in a living room.
We’ve all probably packed or unpacked something from a cardboard box at some point in our lives—whether you’ve had food delivered, a present sent to someone or unpacked something store-bought. With cardboard box packaging heavily integrated into our daily routines, little thought is given to the matter until the big day comes.
A person is putting a recycling bin into a cardboard box.
Almost every one of us, at least once in our lives, has packed and unpacked some stuff into and from a cardboard box. From storage and house moving to gift-giving and having food to go, cardboard boxes are and—seems like will be forever— a part of our lives.
Happy family moving into a new home stock photo.
It’s no surprise that moving day can be both an exciting activity and a daunting endeavour. With several things that could possibly go wrong, such as forgetting to pack some stuff or suddenly running short on moving supplies, it’s best that you prepare well ahead of schedule to ensure that packing up your home becomes stress-free as possible.