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Moving Offices? How to Get Office Relocations Right
A room full of boxes and furniture.

Relocating to a new office may seem exactly like moving house, but it presents many challenges and difficulties that can make it a tougher move.

Office relocations often involve more people and infrastructure, so you’ll need to consider several things well before your move. To make office relocations easier, it’s important to plan ahead and be as organised as possible.

Here are some of our best tips to make your office relocation smoother.

Let Everyone Know Early On

Once you’ve finalised your decision to relocate offices, it’s best to let your employees and other stakeholders know as soon as possible – the earlier, the better.

This will give everyone a chance to prepare for your move and make the necessary arrangements for any changes in their daily drive/commute. By letting them know about your move sooner than later, there’ll be fewer headaches and surprises for everyone.


Inform Your Clients and Suppliers

Aside from your employees, you’ll also need to inform your clients about your relocation. This will help prevent client issues and confusion, especially if your clients visit your office regularly. Make sure you also update your business address with suppliers and important organisations like the tax office and regulatory bodies.


Do Multiple Inspections of Your New Space

Throughout your preparations, try to inspect your new office space several times, preferably with multiple trusted employees. This will give you a better idea of what your new office space needs to make your transition smooth and easy.

By inspecting your new space several times, you can check and decide what additions, removals, or furnishing it needs well before you move there.


Find the Right Moving Company

It’s tempting to move most of your office infrastructure yourselves, especially if you’re a small team working in a small office space. But in most cases, you’ll be much better off hiring professional removalists. By doing most of the heavy lifting yourselves, you risk damaging your furniture or sustaining injuries.

This is even truer if you have several pieces of office furniture to transport. Not to mention all the computers, IT infrastructure, and equipment your business uses. Save your team the trouble, and let professionals handle it for you.


Hire Professionals for Your IT Infrastructure

Speaking of IT infrastructure, make sure that you have qualified IT professionals handling your computers and network equipment. IT infrastructure requires special expertise to handle and transport, so you’ll want experts taking care of this for you.

Make sure you schedule the setup and installation ahead of time so it can be ready for work on your first day. This is especially important if your business relies heavily on computers and IT infrastructure for your daily operations.


Declutter and Spring Clean

Relocating to a new office is the best time to start with a clean slate – at least, in terms of your office furniture and infrastructure. This is the time to get rid of things you don’t need, so take advantage of this period to do some serious spring cleaning in your workplace.

Keep in mind that the fewer things you have, the fewer things you’ll need to transport – which could help reduce your transport costs.


Update Your Marketing

Before relocating to your new office, make sure you’ve updated your marketing materials and have them ready to launch on the day you move (or even before, if that works better).

This includes your business addresses in your website, email signatures, marketing collateral (e.g. brochures, sales materials, etc.), directory listings, and social media.


Schedule Clean-ups Ahead

Book professional cleaners for your old and new offices ahead of time so these spaces are ready and operational on the day you move. The less cleaning you and your employees need to do on moving day, the sooner you can resume operations and continue your work.

An office that’s clean and ready to use will also give your employees a better and more inspiring start at your new office.


Need Sturdy Boxes for your Office Relocation?

If you’re looking for boxes for transporting personal and communal items to your new office, we have plenty of moving and packing boxes, as well as mailing boxes that will get the job done for your business. These boxes come in a range of sizes and packages so you can choose the best pieces for your needs.

If you have any questions about getting boxes and packing materials for your office relocation, feel free to contact us.

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