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Can We Use the Terms Corrugated Board, Carton Board and Cardboard Interchangeably?
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While we often use the term ‘Cardboard’ to refer to either carton board boxes or corrugated boxes, the latter two are actually unique from each other. So, how can we distinguish the two materials apart, and why do we need to? Because when it comes to choosing the most suitable packaging to ship or store your products, it’s best to know which materials you’re using to make the most out of their advantages.

What is Carton Board?

Carton board is a container made from paperboard and, often, corrugated fibreboard. It’s become a popular choice for packaging because of its rigidity. It is often confused with cardboard—while cardboard is actually a generic term used for any heavy-duty paper that comes in various thicknesses. Cardboard is a general term for any paper-based product which is sturdier than the paper itself.

One advantage of a carton board is that it’s easier to print on than a corrugated board because of its flat surface. The thinner material is also easier for printing machines to process.

What is Corrugated Board?

This type of multi-layer material is made from liner board and kraft paper board—two whicker pieces of liner board sandwich a fluted middle layer to create air pockets along its interior. The air pockets serve as impact resistance to help the packaging withstand relatively rougher handling.

Businesses worldwide rely on corrugated boards for shipping their products because it poses one of the most cost-effective and reliable packaging options when transporting goods through transit networks.

Corrugated board is also more versatile in terms of being altered in thickness to serve different needs. These boards are also printable, where one can add logos, shipping information and other features. However, intricate designs may prove hard to print on corrugated boards due to their texture and composition.

Carton Board vs. Corrugated Board

Despite the terms being often interchanged and confused, these are two very different materials with different properties, advantages and weaknesses. So, how can we tell which material suits one’s needs better?

For commercial packaging which doesn’t hold heavier items, one can take advantage of the printability of carton boards. Plus, they are more lightweight, less bulky and more aesthetic. They can usually withstand shipping lighter materials, such as books, magazines, documents and other postal packages.

However, corrugated boards will be the go-to packaging material for large-scale shipping operations and more extensive packaging needs. This type of packaging proves to be more durable, making it perfect for rough hauls and high stacking.

Where can I purchase cheap cardboard shipping boxes?

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