How to Choose the Right Cardboard Box for the Job

Although cardboard boxes are among the most versatile tools today, it’s always best to use the right type of box for the job at hand. Some boxes are more suited to certain jobs than others, and matching the right box to what you’re doing will help make your work much easier.

Here’s a quick look at the main types of boxes we offer at Boxfactory and what they’re best suited for:


Packing Moving Storage Display Point of Sale (POS) Arts and Crafts
Die Cut Box
Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
Half Slotted Container
Full Flap Slotted Container
Five Panel Folder Box
Creased & Slotted Trays


Of course, given the right circumstances and enough ingenuity, you can use any box for all these activities. But remember that each box type offers features that are better for some tasks than others, so it’s always best to use the most appropriate one for whatever you’re doing.

Here’s a rundown of the box features you want according to your task or activity.


Packing and Storage Materials You Didn’t Know You Already Had

Whether you’re moving house or tidying up, you need reliable packing and storage materials that will keep your items safe and organised. Most people end up buying new supplies for these purposes, but doing this whenever you need them to pack or store items isn’t always the best – or cheapest – solution.

But don’t worry – if you look around your house, you’ll find plenty of items that you can easily re-purpose or re-use for packing and storage. In fact, you might even find some of these items to be the perfect tools for your needs.


How Much Does it Really Cost to Move?

There aren’t too many people in the world who can say that they love moving. Well, except for some removalists who found their true calling in the moving industry. But apart from that, moving is just one of those things which you are glad doesn’t have to happen all that often.

Looking for a new home is fun. Shopping for new homewares is fun. Even organising your new room is fun. But moving house? Not fun. There’s all the packing, and the organising, and the money… well, that leads us very nicely into what this piece is all about: the costs of moving, whether hidden or not so hidden.

Finding a new home requires some budgeting, so here is a list of all the possible financial obligations you’ll be facing.


How to Pack a Moving Truck

Looking to save money when moving house? Rather than hiring an expensive furniture removalist service, why not hire a truck, grab a few friends to help out and pack it yourself on moving day?

Moving yourself is a lot easier than you think. Once you learn how to pack a moving truck correctly, the process will seem like a breeze and you can feel confident knowing all your belongings are securely stored throughout the journey to your new property.


How to pack a box

When packing a box you should consider the total weight of the box.

If you are packing books, then a sturdier box is required such as the Full flap slotted box, place heavier items in the box first. (more…)