9 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Home

Whether you’re looking to get the jump on getting organised in your home before you move to a new house, or you are just sick and tired of all the mess in your home and want a bunch of new and innovative ideas for de-cluttering, we can help. We are not only amazing at supplying every kind of box you could possibly want, packing supplies and recycled boxes, but we also know our way around a few pretty great storage hacks too!

From getting your bathroom organised with extra space to make your kitchen a paradise for the minimalist in you – check out our top ideas below.

#1: Use Your Doors

If you are struggling to find extra space in your home and want to maximise some unused real estate, we know just the trick. Even if you’re in a rental property, you’ll love being able to make the most of your door space with hangers. You can use the kind of hangers that fit over the top of the door, get creative with hooks, or if you’re not in a rental property and can put screws in, you can use all manner of shelving to make the most of your door space. This hanging space is perfect for your ties, belts, accessories and knick-knacks.

Source: Room For Young Ones

#2: Make a Hanging Wardrobe in the Corner of a Room

Many people think that a wardrobe should be along one wall. These people have obviously never experienced the sheer joy of having a wardrobe in the corner of their room, giving them the almost-walk-in wardrobe feeling while at the same time conserving space. It’s easy to do; simply get two wardrobe rails and hang them in the corner underneath some shelves, giving you extra, greater space in your bedroom.

Source: Alibaba

#3: Under-bed Drawers

So many people have beds with a raised space, and this raised space is perfect for some rolling drawers. IKEA does a standard and very easy to install version of this under-bed drawer set up, and if you invest, you’ll be reaping the benefits of more storage than ever before.

Source: IKEA

#4: Magnet Strips for Bathroom Storage

Want to find those pesky tweezers but can never seem to locate them? Save yourself countless hours of looking and affix them to where they are easily found. You can get magnetic strips from Officeworks or source them at other good office supply stores online. They can sit inside your drawer or in a spot where they are easy to find.

Source: Tesco Living

#5: Keep Bathroom Time Tidy with Wall Hangers

The kids’ toys will go everywhere at bath time unless you have a clever system in place to keep them organised. And you need to make sure that you have a storage solution that can allow bath toys to drain and dry without sitting there wet and getting all mouldy and slimy. One way to make sure you are looking after your bathroom storage is with some net bags or plastic buckets that you can affix to the tiles with suction caps.

Source: Pinterest

#6: Organise Your Kitchen with a Hanging Rack

We do love a good hanging rack – but when space is limited, you want to make sure you’re maximising the space you have at hand. You can get a rack that stores your most frequently used items in an easy-to-access way and leaves you free to focus on cooking and enjoying your time in the kitchen, instead of stressing about where everything is.

Source: Adelaide Outdoor Kitchens

#7: Make a Cute Cat Bed with an Old Cardboard Box

Your furry feline friend needs a cosy place to spend the cool nights, so what better way to show them your eternal love than with a custom-made kitty bed from an old cardboard box. You can get as elaborate or as simple as you like, but given the enduring love affair that cats have with cardboard boxes (no matter how big or small the cat is!), they’ll certainly love their new home.

Source: Shauna Reid

#8: Make Use of Tiny Spaces with a Slide Out Rack

If you know what it’s like to live in a tiny house, you’ll know that the struggle is real when it comes to organising your items to fit. One ingenious way of keeping everything in check is with some slide out storage shelves. Designed to fit between a gap in your cupboards or in a really narrow spot, you’ll love the extra space for storing cleaning items, extra foodstuffs or anything else your heart desires.

Source: Amazon

#9: Make More Room for Activities

Sick of having to try and find all the Lego or other tiny toys in the kids’ room? You can save yourself a lot of hassle and sore feet when you make a clever mat that cinches up once the kids are done playing. Just get a circle of fabric and sew a length of ribbon or rope into the edge. Make sure you leave enough room at the ends to tie the rope or ribbon off so it doesn’t get lost in the fabric. Spread it out for the kids to play on, and then when they’re done, just gather up the rug, pull the ends of the rope/ribbon to cinch up the top and hang it out of the way.

Source: Running With Scissors

We hope you have enjoyed these handy storage hints! And don’t forget that when you’re moving house, the best feeling comes from being super prepared and having all your box storage organised beforehand.

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How to Choose the Right Cardboard Box for the Job

Although cardboard boxes are among the most versatile tools today, it’s always best to use the right type of box for the job at hand. Some boxes are more suited to certain jobs than others, and matching the right box to what you’re doing will help make your work much easier.

Here’s a quick look at the main types of boxes we offer at Boxfactory and what they’re best suited for:


Packing Moving Storage Display Point of Sale (POS) Arts and Crafts
Die Cut Box
Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
Half Slotted Container
Full Flap Slotted Container
Five Panel Folder Box
Creased & Slotted Trays


Of course, given the right circumstances and enough ingenuity, you can use any box for all these activities. But remember that each box type offers features that are better for some tasks than others, so it’s always best to use the most appropriate one for whatever you’re doing.

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