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How to Choose the Right Cardboard Box for the Job
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Although the cardboard box is among the most versatile tools today, it’s always best to use the right type of box for the job at hand. Some boxes are more suited to certain jobs than others, and matching the right box to what you’re doing will help make your work much easier.

Here’s a quick look at the main types of boxes we offer at Boxfactory and what they’re best suited for:

PackingMovingStorageDisplayPoint of Sale (POS)Arts and Crafts
Die Cut Box
Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
Half Slotted Container
Full Flap Slotted Container
Five Panel Folder Box
Creased & Slotted Trays

Of course, given the right circumstances and enough ingenuity, you can use any box for all these activities. But remember that each box type offers features that are better for some tasks than others, so it’s always best to use the most appropriate one for whatever you’re doing.

Here’s a rundown of the box features you want according to your task or activity.

Packing Boxes

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The right packing box depends on the size of the items you’re packing or shipping.

The best packing boxes for your needs are those that are large enough to hold your items but small enough to prevent them from moving around during transport. Keep in mind that if your items have an irregular shape, then you’ll likely need to fill up the empty spaces to prevent them from getting damaged.

You can turn practically any type of box into a packing box as long as it’s large enough and strong enough to hold your items.

Most people use the following as packing boxes, depending on what they’re packing or shipping:

  • Regular slotted cardboard boxes
  • Half-slotted cardboard boxes
  • Full flap slotted containers
  • Creased & slotted cardboard boxes
  • Five panel folder cardboard boxes – for items that are long and narrow

Moving Boxes

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Like packing boxes, moving boxes must keep your items safe during transport. This means that they need to have the right size and loading strength to handle different types of items.

The most versatile boxes are medium to large-sized boxes, which can hold large or multiple items at once. The key to effective use of moving boxes is to pack items properly and make the most efficient use of space. You should also fill as many empty spaces as possible to prevent damage during transport.

Another thing to look for in your moving boxes is material strength. You want moving boxes that are strong enough to withstand not just the weight of the items but also the wear and tear of transport.

For these reasons, most people use the following as their moving boxes:

  • Regular slotted containers
  • Half slotted cardboard boxes
  • Full flap slotted containers

Storage Boxes

Storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes. And if you’re resourceful and ingenious enough, then you can use practically any type of box for storing your things.

The type and size of the object you’re storing will be your main criteria for choosing the right storage boxes. Large items naturally require larger boxes that can keep them safe during storage, while smaller items will require smaller boxes to keep them safe.

You’ll also need to consider how and where you’re going to store your items. Some boxes are capable of being stacked together, while others are more suited for separate storage. Some storage boxes (particularly the smaller ones) are also better for organising items than others.

The most commonly used storage boxes include:

  • Die cut boxes
  • Regular slotted cardboard boxes
  • Half slotted cardboard boxes
  • Full flap slotted containers
  • Creased & slotted cardboard boxes

Display Boxes

Unlike other types of boxes, display boxes are mostly meant to hold and showcase their contents. This makes accessibility and visibility your priorities for display boxes. By using display boxes that can be opened or seen easily, you can showcase your items more effectively.

Given this purpose and function, the boxes that are best suited for display and presentation are:

  • Die cut boxes
  • Creased & slotted cardboard boxes
  • Half slotted containers

Point of Sale Boxes

Much like display boxes, Point of Sale (POS) boxes must prioritise accessibility and visibility over other features. Point of Sale displays are used primarily for commercial purposes, so it’s best to use boxes that can be seen, opened, and customised easily.

Most retailers and businesspeople will find the following to be the most suitable POS boxes for their products:

  • Die cut boxes
  • Creased & slotted cardboard boxes
  • Half slotted containers

Arts & Crafts Boxes

When it comes to arts & crafts, the only true limits are your imagination and resourcefulness. Because cardboard can be used and reused in several different ways, all types of cardboard boxes can be used for arts & crafts.

If you need large cardboard materials, then go for larger boxes like regular slotted containers or full flap slotted containers. For smaller projects, die cut boxes and creased & slotted containers may be more suitable.

You can even use corrugated dividers or corrugated pads for more intricate projects, especially those that require filling in empty spaces.

The Right Box for the Job

At the end of the day, the right box for the job is the one that provides the space and function that you need with as little wasted material as possible. Some cardboard boxes are clearly more suited to particular tasks than others, so it’s up to you to find the best match for your activity.

If you need more help deciding which box to use for the job, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect box for your needs.

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