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The Future of Cardboard Boxes – Are Cardboard Boxes Becoming Obsolete?
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You might remember the great plastic bag ban in Queensland. At the time it was a pretty big deal. The headlines were dominated by sensationalist claims such as ‘Just another way for chains to make money’ and similar negative headlines. With such a negative backlash from the media, you could be forgiven for thinking that banning plastic bags was a bad thing. And yet, that’s how it was presented — despite evidence which overwhelmingly demonstrates that plastics are a huge pollutant and issue for our earth.

After a few months though, everyone has settled down and is used to taking their own bags to the supermarket. No big deal. It does give us pause to look at other industries that require packaging, such as the online shopping industry – which is huge – and the removalist and storage industry. Where once your online shopping would arrive in a plastic satchel nowadays it’s just as common for your goods to arrive in a cardboard container.

It begs the question then, what is the future of cardboard boxes? Given how their popularity seems to be growing when compared to plastics, can we expect to see the same use in the future? Will cardboard boxes be replaced by something else?

Cardboard box usage now

In today’s day and age, cardboard boxes are being used more than ever; from your grocery delivery through to the boxes that you use with your removalist to move house. When you order items online, you’re likely to get them in a cardboard box – and the same for when you purchase an appliance in store. We know that a large portion of the world’s logistics and shipping happens in cardboard which is only set to increase as more products flood the online market.

Looking at a company like Amazon though, it’s possible to see that smarter cardboard box use – and custom packaging for certain items – could do a lot to alleviate the strain that is being placed on waste disposal facilities around the world. Amazon are ‘leading the charge’ in setting packaging for online retail are ‘notorious for putting small items in large boxes’ even where common sense dictates that a small box would work just as well, if not better!

From looking at the online shopping industry and the packaging industry in general, we have these takeaway points:

  • Using cardboard for packaging is great – but it’s important to be smart in how you are using it – would a smaller box or a custom box save you money in the short term?
  • Consider how your products are shipped – do you need to use parts boxes as a smarter way to bulk ship items?

Cardboard box usage in the future

We predict that there will be shifts in terms of how products are shipped and packed in the future with developments in packaging and eco-friendly solutions. Remember that only a couple of decades ago no one knew or cared about global warming or pollution and we look back on that time with horror.

Now we know that products shipped in cardboard are a most positive choice due to the fact that they biodegrade and are easily reused. It’s important to consider the way in which your customers view your business if you are still using plastics; the use of cardboard shows that you are environmentally conscious, and this can have an impact on your overall brand.

At Box Factory we have a great deal of experience in working with business owners and private customers to ensure that you are getting the best possible solution for your business or moving.

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