Board Grades

Corrugated Flutes

The “Flute” describes the structure of the wave shaped cardboard material (medium) that makes up a boards corrugation. Linerboard is the “flat facing” that adheres to the medium. The three most common flute sizes are B, C, & E. Find out more about corrugated board.

Flute Profile Thickness Comments
C 3-4mm
  • Good stacking strength
  • Good crushing resistance
  • Very common material

Uses: Glass, furniture, dairy

B 2-2.5mm
  • Good puncture resistance
  • Less space consumed in warehouse

Uses: Canned goods, displays

E 1-1.2mm
  • Light weight
  • Strong alternative to paper board
  • Superior printing surface
  • Excellent for custom die cut boxes

Uses: Displays, point of purchase boxes

BC 5-6mm
  • Composed of a combination of B and C flutes. Double wall corrugated board should be used when stronger boxes and extra padding are needed. Excellent for stacking heavy items.

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