Packing Boxes Brisbane

Moving house? Chances are you’re going to be needing some boxes! We stock a range of boxes in easy-to-use packs to make sourcing your quality packing boxes easy.

After all, if you’re moving, you need to save money wherever you can – and our Boxfactory home moving box packages are just what you need. These packs are designed to fit the needs and requirements of most standard-sized homes, whether you’re in a unit/townhouse or in a larger type of home.

Every pack comes equipped with everything you might possibly need, from packing materials to tape to padding.

How Many People in Your Home = How Many Packing Boxes?

1 – 2 people: The small house/unit package is for you

2 – 4 people: Grab the medium house box package (but if you have a lot of belongings, you might want to grab the large house box pack just to be sure)

4 – 5 people: Go for the large house box pack

5+ people: The extra large house box pack is the one you want

Small House/Unit Packages

The Small House/Unit Package is ideal for those residing in a unit or a small house. It contains a number of different sizes of boxes – from small to large – as well as some butchers paper, bubble wrap, and a roll of tape. For small and quick packing activities, this package is the one to get.

Medium House Box Packages

The Medium House Box Package is suitable for those in homes or offices that need to move more (and possibly larger) items than those in a unit or small house. It contains a generous amount of small to large-sized boxes, together with some butchers papers, bubble wrap, and packaging tape.

Large House Box Packages

If you need boxes for heavier packing and transporting, our Large House Box Package should suit you. This package contains several small to large-sized boxes and multiple rolls of butchers paper, bubble wrap, and tape. A tape dispenser is also included.

Extra Large House Box Packages

For heavier packing and transporting, our Extra Large House Box Package may be what you’re looking for. This package features several small to large-sized boxes as well as five extra-large moving boxes for heavy-duty items. It also comes with multiple rolls of butchers paper, two types of bubble wrap, two types of tape, and a tape dispenser.

Packing Tips for Moving House

With your packing boxes sorted out, it’s now time to tackle the actual packing! We’ve got you covered here – take a look at some of our top tips below.

Attack it one room at a time

While it may be tempting to go through and pack as you feel like it, it makes a whole lot more sense to be very systematic about things.

You want to make sure that the least-used items are at the bottom of the boxes, or maybe even all in their own box. That way, if you run out of time when you’re unpacking, you’re not going to be digging through boxes to find the items you need.

You should also make sure you label everything you need and be clear about it, labelling each box with its contents and the room it needs to go to.

Get the right boxes

Have you ever tried to move your belongings without the right packing boxes? It’s an extremely frustrating and time-consuming endeavour.

The right box makes all the difference. So whether you need a wardrobe box, a flat screen TV box, a books box or a wine box, we can help.

Don’t overpack your boxes

Definitely don’t overpack your boxes as it’ll just make moving that much harder!

Pack a mix of heavy and light items in the same boxes, putting the lighter items at the top. Put books into small boxes and make sure there aren’t too many in each box so you can carry them easily.

Protect your items

Every one of our box packs comes with high-quality protective items to make sure your precious belongings are taken care of along the way.

If you’re worried about transport, just make sure you have enough bubble wrap or protective material in place.

Pack with a plan

Grab the essentials when you’re packing for the first night and make sure you have them accessible and easy to reach when you arrive in your new home.

You want to be able to get the big furniture in, make the beds, take a shower, change your clothes and enjoy a meal (whether it’s takeaway or otherwise). You also want to be able to brush your teeth and put your pyjamas on to go to bed.

Pack the following in their own box and label it clearly so you can relax and feel comfortable on the first night in your new home:

  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Spare change of clothes
  • Cutlery and plates (and cooking equipment if you’re going to make dinner and not just get takeaway)
  • Pyjamas
  • Toiletries
  • Towels

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