Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes

When you need boxes for moving house, you want to make sure that you’ve got quality moving boxes that will do the job properly! After all, moving doesn’t have to be stressful – and knowing that your moving boxes are going to keep your goods safe means that you have one less thing to worry about.

We are experts in everything box related which means that you can trust us to supply your moving boxes Brisbane wide.

Strong, Quality Moving Boxes

Choose from our range of moving boxes and enjoy knowing that you have cardboard boxes that will protect your items in transit. Our packing boxes were designed to keep your possessions safe and secure as you move from one place to the next, so it makes sense to choose a quality product like our range of moving boxes.

Don’t run the risk of damaging your possessions due to using an inferior box – make sure you move with the professionals and get your moving boxes Brisbane wide from Boxfactory.


Tailor-Made Solutions

If you have a certain type of box that you need for moving an item, we can help you! Our friendly team of professionals can design cardboard boxes that suit your requirements exactly. We want to ensure that you have the perfect product no matter what you’re packing.

We can manufacture a box that works for you, whether you need a regular slotted container, a half slotted container, die cut boxes, corrugated pads or dividers and/or partitions.


We are proud of our commitment to offer a product that is environmentally sound and 100% eco-friendly. We make sure that all the cardboard waste from our manufacturing process is gathered, sorted and sent to specific recycling departments for reuse.

We also offer a range of recycled boxes from our business site at Acacia Ridge. Choosing recycled boxes can be a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution for your moving needs.


When you use the correct kind of boxes for packing and moving your items, you need to make sure that the box is going to stand up to the test of being hefted and moved around from one place to the next.

A high-quality packing box is going to be the best thing when it comes to moving house. A quality box is going to be stackable which means that it can be stored more efficiently in the moving truck and shipped more effectively.

The Boxfactory Difference

At Boxfactory, we are a fourth-generation company who have long been the suppliers of quality boxes and products which are designed to make your next move easier.

We deliver our range of moving boxes Brisbane wide as well as across Australia, which means that you know that wherever you are, a range of Boxfactory boxes are never far away. Whether you’re moving house or shifting offices, you can rest assured that our boxes will be up to the task no matter what kind of goods you are moving.

Something to note

While moving boxes might resemble standard cardboard boxes, they are actually specifically designed by our expert team to stand up to the task of being filled, moved and shifted around. When you purchase our specific moving boxes from Boxfactory, you buy security. That also means you won’t be facing the prospect of chasing items around as they roll around in the back of the truck due to a busted open box!

When you’re moving your valuables or precious items, you want the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings are safe. It’s not worth the prospect of damaging your items just because you were using a cardboard box that didn’t stand up to the task.

Our Range of Moving Boxes

We have a whole range of moving boxes which can be bought in a range of shapes and sizes, and in any quantity that you desire.

Our range includes:

  • Tea chests
  • Book boxes
  • Archive cartons
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Medium – Extra-large cartons
  • Twin wall cartons for your heavy-duty items

We also offer a range of packing goods which are designed to make the moving process a whole lot easier. We sell bubble wrap, packaging tape, void fill, butcher’s paper and packing guns which will make the whole process streamlined and simple. No more hunting around for newspaper or running out of tape – we have got you covered.

A Word on Recycled Moving Boxes

If you’re looking to save money on your next move, then perhaps recycled moving boxes are something you would like to consider. While you might be thinking that a recycled box is going to be an inferior product, the opposite is true.

We buy recycled moving boxes from our very own clients, so we know the quality of the boxes and how they have been used. Our boxes are built to a very high standard and as such are highly recyclable and reusable.

We only sell to you the highest quality moving boxes that have been used once. If the boxes are compromised in any way – we don’t sell them on to you. With quality and reliability as the cornerstone of our boxes, we never risk anything.

While some recycled box resellers can be hit and miss, we will prove that you can buy consistently excellent recycled boxes which are not only cost-effective but also great for the environment.

As we make a point of only offering the very best in boxes, you know that you can enjoy the quality and assurance of a fine product for your next move.

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