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Custom Cardboard Boxes Brisbane

When you have a product, item or design specification that calls for a custom cardboard box, we can help. At Boxfactory, we pride ourselves on our ability to consult with you and design the perfect custom made boxes for your needs. For custom cardboard boxes Brisbane wide, we have got you covered.

We understand how important it is to get your goods from place to place safely and without damage. This is why we supply an extensive range of strong and high-quality custom boxes to suit any purpose, from transport to storage and everything in between.

Protect your goods and belongings in our top-of-the-range custom cardboard boxes. You can find more information about our products below, and for a detailed quotation for boxes, please complete the enquiry form or call Brisbane’s best cardboard box shop on (07) 3344 2244 to discuss your packaging requirements.

Custom Album Black

Custom Album Brown

Custom Book Shipper

Custom Carrier White

Custom Pet Carrier

Custom Hydro

Custom Flip Lid

Custom Tray


Custom Diecut Printed


Custom Counter Display BF Print


Custom Donation Box Sloping

Custom Wine Glass Box Window

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Boxfactory is your Custom-Made Box Specialist

We have been designing and manufacturing custom-made boxes to suit our customers’ many requirements. Custom made boxes can vary dramatically and are limited only by your needs and imagination.

There are many options for corrugated box design and our onsite computer aided design and our dedicated packaging program gives us instant access to a multitude of designs to satisfy most customer`s requirements.

For more intricate or unusual designs, our team of designers can work directly with you to create corrugated cardboard solutions.

No matter the requirement, no matter the challenge, Boxfactory are the cardboard box and carton specialists. We provide custom solutions to clients for a whole range of applications.

With a massive selection of cardboard boxes and cartons, in a variety of designs, you can be sure we will source the perfect packing partner for your specific needs.

And if we do not have your solution in stock that will work, as Queensland`s leading cardboard box and carton manufacturers, we will design it for you.

Our Range of Custom Cardboard Boxes

Die Cut Box

Ideal for display, presentation and POS purposes, our die cut custom boxes are custom designed by our cardboard box manufacturers for your purposes and don’t typically require any taping, gluing or stapling.

They are commonly used as bin boxes, self-erecting boxes, mailers, product display boxes, computer packaging and shipping boxes.

Die cut custom cardboard boxes will require an additional setup cost.

Regular Slotted Container

These are one of the most commonly used types of custom boxes because of their ease and affordability to manufacture.

Made and folded from one single sheet of board, they are suitable for most goods and products that require basic and economical packaging for shipping. Regular slotted containers require tape, glue or staples to close securely.

Half Slotted Container

Combining shipping and shelf packaging, our half-slotted containers have flaps at the bottom which makes them ideal for situations where the box will repeatedly be opened.

The open top is also practical for packing products or produce with varying heights and sizes, such as fruit and vegetables. Half slotted containers will require taping, gluing or stapling to close.


Full Flap Slotted Container

One of our strongest types of cardboard boxes, the full flap slotted container has outer flaps which overlap the full width of the box for an extra layer of strength. They are great for heavy or fragile items and can be made even stronger by adding a twin wall corrugated cardboard layer.

Full flap slotted containers require tape, glue or staples to close.

Five Panel Folder Box

These extra strong cardboard boxes are manufactured from a five panelled piece of corrugated board. The extra panel at the end makes it ideal for packing and shipping fragile items such as paintings and artwork, or other goods that have a tall and narrow shape.

Five-panel folder boxes are supplied flat, and will require tape, glue or staples to close securely.

Five Panel Folder
Creased & Slotted Boxes

Creased & Slotted Trays

Trays come in two sizes, with one slotting securely over the other. They are useful for situations when constant access is required to the goods or products inside, because they provide easy access, storage and assembly. Single trays are also commonly used for storage or containers for spare parts.

Creased and slotted trays require taping, gluing or stapling to close.

Custom Made Cardboard Boxes Brisbane Wide

When only a custom cardboard box will do, contact Boxfactory. In addition to our high-quality, pre-made box range, we can also custom design cardboard carriers, trays, albums, book shippers, counter displays and printed boxes to your exact specifications.

Please get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you.