How to pack a box

How to pack a box

When packing a box you should consider the total weight of the box.

If you are packing books, then a sturdier box is required such as the Full flap slotted box, place heavier items in the box first.

If you are packing fragile items, you may want to separate them with corrugated pads or corrugated dividers.

The art of packing with the correct space allowance and packing materials should be considered, we provide complete box packages that include bubblewrap, packing tape (plus fragile tape), a tape gun (to make the packing process quicker), butchers paper, void fill and removal blackets (for larger items such as washing machines).

All boxes when packed should be clearly labelled and an inventory of the contents kept with you to make the unpacking process much easier.

List all your boxes and clearly mark which end should be up.

Emergency items should be packed separately in a box clearly labelled load last unpack first.

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